Erdem ÖZKAN creative designer

I was born in 1984 in İstanbul. After graduating from high school I began working for Graffo Graphics as a Junior Graphics Designer and started creating my customer portfolio in a short time. I had to take a break from work because of my military obligations which I have completed in Ankara, working in fields related to my proffesion. After being discharged from the army, I began working at 2A Advertisement Services during which I have learned printing press and other publishing methods. In June of 2008 I started working at Capacity AVM, the biggest shopping mall of Istanbul`s third district. During the two year period I spent in Capacity AVM, I had the opportunity to work in different positions, including General Publishing and Design Director, and contribute to many different projects that both broadened my vision and allowed me to add value to the firm I work for. Throughout my career, I have continuously honed my ski lls and knowledge as a graphics designer. I have learned and worked in pretty much every aspect of design business and completed projects for different brands including Sony and Media Markt. I currently work for Atasay as a Graphics Design Specialist.






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